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The Barn Owl has become a symbol of unity and hope in Israel and Jordan. A group of farmers in Israel are promoting the use of barn owls over pesticides, to help the environment and yield higher crop harvests. They have reached out to their neighbor Jordanians and, despite the political situation and high fences, have begun working together on this project! So far they have had amazing success bringing people together and helping farmers.


Project Bird Box Israel is spreading and we want to be a part of it! Part of the proceeds from your purchase of these barn owl prints & products will go to fund building and distributing nesting boxes for barn owls on farmland in Israel and Jordan.


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We all know Asian elephants have been facing threats from people, but did you know that people have been threatened by elephants as well? Farmers can have their entire crops destroyed by trampling elephants, depriving them of income and food. This contributes to the killing of elephants as farmers resort to violence as a way to protect their way of life. Well, Heart of Ganesh has a better idea to help both elephant and human families!


Orange trees are protecting farmers crops! Because elephants don’t go after orange trees, this project plants orange tree groves around farmer’s fields which natural deters elephants from going after their crops or entering the area! The same process is used with beehives, as elephants naturally avoid these areas. This not only protects the crops, but also provides new sources of income and a varied crop for farmers! You can read more about it on their website here.


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