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A Wild Life – We create adventurous designs that connect you with wildlife no matter where you live or what you’re doing. Because nature makes us happy.


There’s plenty of research and scientific-type studies about the benefits of nature in our lives, but really it just comes down to this. Nature makes us happy. We feel joy in the forest, relaxed at the beach and exhilarated on a mountain. When we happen to spot a deer or an eagle, we gasp and we pause. We travel hundreds of miles on planes to foreign countries to meet an elephant or see a lion in real life. And we spend hours watching animal documentaries and crocodile hunters on tv, wishing it was us that got to hug a sloth or escape the shark.


We want to feel that nature-happiness all the time, but unfortunately apartment buildings frown on exotic pets, and living in a tent in Africa isn’t quite as fun as it appears. Which is why all of our designs focus on wildlife and the natural world as well as ways to bring them into your life all of the time, without ruining your rug or breaking furniture. Whether you’re sipping coffee, writing notes in class or lounging on the couch. Not only will you feel close to nature, but also feel that world-wide global big-family feeling that we are all connected in the big picture, and that we affect each-other.


So what’s you’re favourite animal? Where did you go on your last vacation? Chances are we’ve got a pillow, picture or pouch that will connect with your experiences and animal friends. Grab a travel mug, hug a bear pillow, and get ready for adventure.




Hello! I’m Crystal Smith and I create the designs and art for A Wild Life. I am a west coast artist, located in British Columbia Canada, on a small island in the north Pacific. I work together with production partners to create quality products and artwork for you. I want to inspire a love of the natural world. Because when you care about something you work hard to learn about it and to protect it.


I’m the daughter of a lighthouse keeper, so I was born on a tiny island in the middle of the ocean where groceries were delivered by helicopter and trips to town meant riding with the Coast Guard. I’m still an island girl just on a bigger island now, Vancouver Island, a stone’s throw from hiking trails and rain forest camping. I spend my free time paddle boarding and looking for jellyfish.


I try to paint or draw every day (some days more than others!) and I keep at least a dozen sketchbooks going at once. My sketchbooks aren’t just pencil, cause that would be boring, but also materials like acrylic paint and wax. They are where I can be free to experiment and have no rules. Then I can take the things I like and create bigger pieces of art from those ideas.


I support environmental and wildlife conservation organizations and NGOs with partial proceeds from sales of my products. I look for groups that are targeting wildlife and communities together, to create positive changes.


Thank you for visiting with A Wild Life!


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We offer wholesale pricing for retail and on-line retail clients.

Our products are currently carried in a number of retail locations throughout the USA and Canada including the Waterton Lakes National Park gift shops.


We specialize in personalized wholesale products, giving you exactly the designs you need.

Our wholesale/discount pricing is available in small quantities.


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